We have extensive experience in making our customers happy by providing excellent service. The equipment used by our company for services is renowned, eco-friendly, and play a role in conserving water.

Our brand is highly eco-conscious and is playing an important role in the water conservation movement. Our high-quality lawn sprinklers and residential irrigation systems make use of the minimum quantity of water, along with keeping your garden rejuvenated.

The irrigation system installed by our company is highly dependable in conserving water.

Hunter Solar Sync Sensor

The purpose of the Hunter Solar Sync Sensor is to regulate the water required on the basis of temperature and showers. It can handle the extreme temperatures by itself and alter the irrigation settings according to what is needed.

Lawn Sprinkler Upgrade

Head Upgrades

Each head is turned off and retraction is done firmly to avoid mower damage.

Rain Sensor

This allows you to sit back and relax through the rainy season without worrying about shutting down the irrigation system. It can turn off the system automatically and for a considerable amount of time after the rain has stopped and until the lawn is dry. Saves you money !

Weather Station

Our high-class weather station can perform the following functions:
• Calculates Evapotranspiration
• Manage and work the system on the basis of weather
• Determine the run times through wind speed, rainfall, temperature, soil type, and other factor influencing the irrigation system
• Improves the plant health
• Reduces the water bill significantly.

Drip Irrigation for Plantings

Drip irrigation is essential to minimize water loss from the wind. It also slows down the application rates for soil infiltration and expands the water savings.

Pressure Regulation for Spray Heads / Zones

We use pressure regulation equipment to ensure optimum pressure is maintained, and water distribution is uniform throughout the system to minimize misting and fogging occurring at high pressures.
Regulators are installed along with the sprays so that unnecessary parts are not needed on the site. It also reduces water loss by up to 70%, saves money and time.

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